Newby asks: Which organization to join?

What is the differences between the organizations? Which would you suggest for a beginning inspector launching his own business? Thanks in advance. Don Miller Mars Hill NC

Gee asking a NACHI person what to join
In My opinion you will find more help more straight answers here then all the rest put together .
Yes we are far from perfect and you will see some disagreements .
But this is a family and for sure I feel you will make the correct decision and come aboard .
Roy Cooke

NACHI is rather free with it’s knowledge and willingness to share information. The education on this board is second to none.:smiley: :smiley:

There’s some fun mixed in as well,:smiley: :smiley: …and…well…and…uhhh…some other stuff, too.:frowning: :frowning:


It is very flattering that you should ask NACHI Members that question.

You could not have asked the most elite organization there is, for an answer.

It is possible with the experience and help from this Organization, that you will receive guidance and help, that compared to other Organizations, NACHI is second to none.

Fine choice.

Hurry before the lockout at 10,000 members that I am reading about. We would love to have you on board.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley:

Basically…you can’t ask that question at ANY other Home Inspector Association board because they wont let you in. The guys here are great and they have a willingness to learn and so in my opinion you can’t go wrong with NACHI.

You will probably get your monies worth in education here to more than cover the membership fee.

Ditto Paul, plus I can’t stand the “good ole boys” attitudes that is very prevalent in other associations. This BB is worth the membership $ alone.

NACHI rules!

Go with the BEST.** NACHI. Without a doubt…!!!**

NACHI is loveable… we all help each other unconditionally. We NACHI members are a slightly disfunctional family… but a family nontheless.

Aside from that explanation, which is difficult to understand if you are not a NACHI member, I would advise you to do what all the smart ASHI members have done… and join us.

Now you’re on this message board, look around; it’s the finest in the industry, a place where people help people. Yes, as Nick has admitted candidly, our family is a little disfunctional at times, but we’re one happy family. Email me your address, and I’ll send you a gift from me and Nachi.

Its like…how shall I say it…its like merging the Osburne family and the Jackson family together with the Saprano’s …its GREAT FUN and highly educational…be all you can be JOIN NACHI and see…

If you think this forum is valuable…wait till you see what is available in the members only sections!!!

The member’s only forum is far more useful and active than what you are seeing now!

The marketing and educational benefits you will find here will amaze you. I get many inquiries from newbies looking to get into the industry and this is where I send them. You can learn how to be an HI from many sources but nothing compares to the largest one stop shop for Free education. If you haven’t spent at least 100 hours reading the forum and information on this site you have no business being an HI.

I chose NACHI as a business decision. I think it offers a higher degree of respect.

When someone asks me why I am a member of NACHI and not ASHI, I explain;
You have to pass examinations and qualify to be eligible to join. Anyone can be a member of ASHI, even yourself. Just wright them a check.

In fairness, I think the bluster about all associations is overdone. It is much like choosing Coke or Pepsi - a matter of personal preference.

You need to find the association that 1) works best for you at start up and 2) offers what you need to become successful.

Each Association has their good points and bad points.

ASHI has great name recognition and many veteran Realtors who work with their inspectors regularly. They also will brand you a “candidate” until you do 250 inspections, which may make you seem like a newbie to potential clients. In addition, the fees are slightly higher. The test they require (NHIE) is a bit tougher than the online NACHI test (some will disagree, but having taken both, this is my opinion and it is shared by many). The NHIE is also often a qualification required by certain jurisdicitions (Philadelphia for example). In addition, I cannot comment on their BB as I have no access to it, so it is limited in scope.

NACHI is cheaper, more immediate, and has a strong internet presence. Due to the volume of members, the referral sites are not as helpful as you may think (I have had 3 calls in 3 years resulting from the NACHI sites) but they are as good as you can get from an association in that regard. The BB is active and helpful, although there are significant amounts of petty arguments and politics since it is mostly unmoderated. The Member’s Only Marketing section (speficially the help of one active NACHI Member) alone is the entire reason I am a NACHI member and has helped me build my business more than any other single element.

I found that many of the benefits listed on the site are not as useful as it may appear, and a fair number are simply different ways to point to the web presence or other repetative links. NACHI has a tendancy to announce things before they are vetted, and occassionally they never come into being… just take the hyperbole with a grain of salt, and you get a good picture. Also, there is no elected representation at NACHI, and no method to make leadership accountable to members. As a newbie, generally, you are just along for the ride, and this will probably not matter to you.

I cannot comment on NHIE as I have limited experience with them and knowledge of them.

Good luck!

Thank you all for your time and thoughts. Such positive feedback…I like what I see here. I take my state exam in 1 week and will more than likely join soon. Don

Don, check out this before you take your state exam:

For those of us who have experienced NACHI firsthand, no explanation is required, for those who have yet to enjoy the same experience…no explanation is possible.

If I was as new as you I would hit the Nachi board , lots of good folks and all are willing to answer your questions.

NACHI is the place to be.:smiley:

Actually, I think it would be a toss up between ASHI and NAHI, just starting out.

With NAHI, you can make money for the inspection and then collect again when you repair what you find. Nice way to build capital for those expensive ASHI dues when you get your 250th inspection.

Once you have completed 250 inspections (and about 125 kitchen remodelings) you will be qualified to rub elbows with some of the world’s finest home inspectors like…well, like…uh…Michael Long of Arizona and…oh, yes…Mike Rowan of Florida (if you can find him, that is.)

Then, after you have impressed all of your friends with your ASHI membership and you get serious about setting up your business…come see us.:wink:

Ahhh…sarcasm…hope he gets it James !!! :wink:

All these answers are from guys who are opinionated. I am so opinionated, that sometimes I have two opinions on an issue!:mrgreen:

Actually some of these guys that have answered are members of more than one association. I am also.

While there will be a million more posts, on that really hits the nail on the head if the second reply you got from Jae Williams, when he said… NACHI is rather free with it’s knowledge and willingness to share information. The education on this board is second to none.:grin: :grin:

That is one of the most important items to consider.  When you come across items you need help on, simply post it here and then hit refresh on your screen.    You are going to be shocked at how quick many are ready to give help.
No get out and inspect something so you can post your second query  here!;-)