New Inspector Dilemma

I have only been on these MB for 4 weeks. As a newbie this industry is very confusing. I am very serious in becoming a home inspector as a new career, having been in renovations for 30+ years i believe this is the right step for me. Here is my dilemma, what association to join if any. There is ACHI, Cahpi OAHI ,and so on. Each one states they are the best and the right one. If HIs become regulated in Ontario which association will be recognised by the Ontario government. What happens if the association i decide to join is not recognised? All the bickering back and forth that i have read only makes it that much more confusing. As for InterNACHI i think the education you offer is the best, however it is too easy for someone too take advantage of your logo for their own usage. It is very easy for someone to start up as an HI and state that they are NACHI certified. However it is a great service for someone who is taking their next career serious.

Just my thoughts

Jim Mosiuk

Ignore the bickering. Take out of each post that which you feel YOU need. Peruse these boards, take every possible course you can here and others offered elsewhere when you can. Join other boards, there are a lot of very competant inspectors posting on them.
As to regulation, get yourself educated. Check out licensed States in the U.S., check out B.C.; find out the general requirements (education, experience) and make sure you attain them.

Having been in this Industry since 1999 being an ex. a member of each of those associations , I still have an open mind .
This has gone on from longer then I have been an inspector.
Most who post want what they think is best for the industry.
Unfortunately some are not at arms length now or where previously.
Unfortunately some of the associations are so secretive you need to be a member to find out the true facts about them.
This makes it awkward for me to decide if they have an agenda and a slanted opinion.
Having been a member of NACHI since 2003 it is easy to see what Nick/NACHI is.
Do not hesitate to communicate privately with many who post here if you think it could help you get their ideas of what is needed.
Please do keep posting and asking questions ,new ideas and thoughts can help all to see what others think.