Which home inspection association should I join?

Which home inspection association should I join?


NO other organization even comes close

Are considering joing one? :smiley: RESISTANCE IS FUTILE:cool:

**I did not know your post was a link.


*It appears by the data that my opinion is correct once again. *

Unless you just do not like more BANG for your BUCK ?**

Yup. Only it will take 2 weeks for someone to get back to you!:shock:

At least that was my experience.

Who built the website: http://www.joinhomeinspectionassociation.com/ ???

Belonging to both associations, I can honestly say that InterNACHI beats ASHI hands down in so many ways.

I’m going to join NAHI! :wink:

Well, you have made it clear for me. ASHI it is. Great knowing you all.:roll::roll::—):—)

I spent a couple months in every corner of the internet figuring this out and chose InterNACHI… hands down no comparison !!!


I bet you weren’t aware of the “Meeker Syndrome” before you joined.:twisted:

Yeah, expecting things do be done correctly and with rules in place is just plain asinine. Maybe we should change our promise to customers that we will just do whatever we feel like and make up the rules as we go. If they don’t like it we will just tell them touch crap.

Last year The BrickKicker performed our own comparison and for the first time in our 27 year existence formally endorsed and recommended InterNACHI to all of our operations.

By far InterNACHI provides more benefits and products to it’s members then any other National Organization in North America. We recommend every inspector in our operation join InterNACHI and continue to grow their careers.

Two thumbs up!

I agree

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There was a time when you had other choices, but that time has passed.

good one

Nick …

You asked the question, so I’ll give you my opinion. You already belong to the Colorado group … Why don’t you help the Illinois group out by joining them AND helping then get their act together.

I wouldn’t know how I could help. Not my skill set.