What could this be?

Found this in the attic at yesterday’s inspection.

New home, its located above the bathtub fixture next to the bathroom vent fan. The fan was vented through the side wall of the house.

Couldn’t get any closer due to the depth of insulation, viewed from the attic hatch.

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“could be” lots of things. :wink:

Do you know where it goes to?
Hope its not a dryer vent!

Saw something like this in a new home a couple months ago, but it was PVC in the basement not terminated. All the plumbing drained fine, so it wasn’t connected to anything. Homeowner said that it was an “option” they had put in to run cable/satellite, etc to the basement once they had the basement finished.

Or it could be line to feed additional wires through multiple levels of the structure (speaker, electrical etc.)

That is a piece of flexible nonmetallic conduit (Carflex). Often installed as a chase between A and B, or maybe even down to the panel. It’s just there for future use. The end is sealed, so all is good. This shows that the electrician was probably pretty good. It’s only the better electricians who think ahead or care enough to do stuff like that.

He even took the time to clamp it. A real craftsman.

Thanks Marc

It took a while but that’s what I was thinking as well.


We see a lot of those up here in new construcion also; And there’s also the pvc vent pipes that are capped in the basement, and the contractors actually use a Sharpie to write “future vent” on it. Amazing.

I agree with Marc. I’m just amazed that he doesn’t know how to spell his own name.:smiley: