What did you guys use to study for the national exam?

Any youtube Playlists, flash cards, fake tests? I’m going to use the stuff here too, but I meant more supplemental things.

Can’t remember that far back it’s been over 50 years ago.

This worked for me:


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I took a class. Then I read through all my books a second time. Then I read through my books a third time, and then took the NHIE. It wasn’t until after I was licensed that I found Internachi. I wish I had found Internachi before I took a class. Everything you need is free to all members. Take extra classes here. You don’t have to stop at the minimum.

And read the forum. People ask questions all the time, and the responses people post may contain more than the basic answer, you get some personal experience, some stories about what can go wrong when things are built wrong, even a funny story here and there. As a bonus you have guys that will turn any question into a discussion about how vaccines are great or are the devil. So you really get to see all sides of an issue.


Kyle, take this over and over and over: InterNACHI® Online Inspector Examination


Ty! I’ll probably use this and flash cards. I think I’m ready to take the exam but I want to over prepare.

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I made my own flash cards while re-reading through all of the chapters of the book they used for our State-required classroom course - book was Carson & Dunlap’s PRINCIPLES OF HOME INSPECTION Systems & Standards Second Edition. I used this same method through a lot of my college courses and it really worked well for me. By re-reading and simultaneously making the flash cards, the writing/typing is a good way to “connect” your brain and to improve retention and comprehension, plus you then have hundreds of flash cards to use for review sessions prior to taking the test.


Bert said it.
Also if anyone would like a study guide please send me your email and I will send you one.


Kyleperkins@usa.com ty!


Being familiar with the ICC Residential Code is always helpful.




Do you still have those flash cards? Lol

Is the national test based on this alone pretty much?

The most frustrating thing about the free practice test here is it doesn’t give you what the correct answers are when you miss a question so it’s a lot harder to create flash cards.

If any of you have any flash cards or resources I’d love to see them and will owe you one.

A study guide would be amazing :pray: Thanks in advance!

I have sent it to you, Good Luck!


If you are still offering the free study guide, I would greatly appreciate one. Thanks! jcshreve@frontiernet.net