What do you call this type of wiring

What do you call this type of wiring
I’m drawing a blank.
I isn’t K&T because there is no tubes.
Single conductor cloth wiring?
It has more bars spots than insulation. Not to mention it being spliced into.

I would call it knob and tube …not always tubes in the attic

That is Knob and tube.

Thank alot Guys!

Knob and Tube

Yep K&T

Okay okay I got it. But there were no tubes but we still call it knob and tube.
Thanks everyone

IT’S K&T (Knob & Tube). You’ve been in this business Forever and didn’t know this? :p:p

He must have had a brain fart…

Must have, I smelled it all the way up here. :mrgreen:

I’m glad the wind is blowing from the west today…:mrgreen:


Mr Redneck is getting old.

Maybe you didn’t see a tube but that sure qualifies as a knob!
Go back to school Cracker! :|.)

nope, it’s actually a broken porcelain cleat

Yes sir;


I have never see it with the cleats . Just K&T.

The is most likely more of that stuff in the Northeast than down your way Roy.

That splice needs to be in a JB…NEC 99 300-15

If you don’t like the name “knob & tube,” you can use the more technical term “open air conductor” - at least until it’s connected to the NMC.