What Do You Drive To Inspections

Looks like I’ve caught this virus called middle-aged crazy. I’m thinking of trading my van in for a Mustang. Just curious how many others drive passenger cars to inspections. Multiple choices allowed.

I can’t imagine driving that in the winter. Not only that but where will your ladder and other inspection equipment go.

I say buy the Mustang and keep the van.

Dodge Mega cab 4x4 and yes it is a Hemi lol

Ford Sport Trac. Is it a SUV? Is it a truck? A little of both I guess.

08 F-250 crew cab

Peter, is the crew cab for all the rest of the Inspection crew?:mrgreen::wink:

I have you all beat when it comes to gas cost… Honda Accord :slight_smile: Yes I can fit a good size fold up in the back.

I drive a 98’ F-150 with 163,000 miles on it, and its purring just fine.
I’m hoping to go 200,000, before I trade her in, and have been looking at the smaller, but 4-wheel drive vehicles.
I’ll save my pennies for another year, and see what turns up for 2010.




Billy i store one them in the back seat the accord not the ladder lol

Drove my 2002 F-150 V-8 for 160,000 with never a problem. I Ordered a new 2007 Ford Explorer Sport Trac 2-wheel drive 292 HP V-8 6-speed auto; love it. 18 MPG and smokes Hemi’s and Tundra’s; up to 36,000 miles already in a year and a half. I put it under pick-up.

If I drive too far, I take my wife’s 2007 Saturn Vue 4-cyl; I drive it sometimes in the winter; love the twin heated leather seats.

I would look at the Ford Escape 4-cyl; rides nice; drove one the other day.

:slight_smile: lol I bet. I’m going to get a truck so I can carry large ladders however I think it will be a toyota of some sort. I miss the toyota truck I had back in the day. It was a beatiful ride.

Exactly how I want my truck to look Steven except I want a Toyota. Why no ladder rack?

Another thing NEVER trade in a vehicle to a dealer. I know how it REALLY works. I use to be a autobroker back in the day :). Your way better off selling to the public.

Nope, I do use it for the construction crew, especially the one’s with no license

I have a 2003 GMC truck but use a 1992 535 bmw that has a large trunk for inspections.

My folding ladder fits in there along with other shoes and a crawlspace box.
The back seat is pretty full too, have to keep towels to cover up laptop etc so as not to tempt someone.

This car has been paid off for years, has a tax bill of $16/year and I don’t carry collision/comp on it. Gas mileage and tire costs are way less than my truck also.
I cover a large area so driving the truck is really a waste of money.

Its all about controlling expenses in order to be competitive on fees… But the real reason is the comfort and fun factor during my trips. I also got tired of cleaning/unloading the truck since we use it to pull an RV every month.

LOL, Must be a Nation wide problem Peter, Roofers and Painters, and Drywallers around here all drive Crew Cabs also. :mrgreen:

I still drive this one and like it a lot.

2007 GMC Canyon Off Road

Plus it is free. ha. ha. Just fill with gas for personal use. ;):slight_smile:


'06 Chevy Impala SS It will get me to the inspections really fast and blow the doors off of the Mustang GT.

Do you mean like this?:grin:
Plenty of room for tools, Gps, laptop and paperwork, not to mention 34+ mpg.
Parot bluetooth handsfree system and Signage to follow
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and it’s fun to drive:D:D:D:D

Bruce, I was wondering who got the tag number I wanted. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I have had that since 2005