What do you people think of this new home shingled valley

How do you guys and gals like this valley? Looks pretty good huh!
Look close now.
Was it weaved correctly?



That’s not weaved. Obviously the roofer needed more chalk for his line, went to his truck, then got side tracked.

Not so much! :-1:

Unreal, isn’t it?
New home being inspected by a friend of mine.
And Steve saw it.

It was a warm day the boys needed a beer run…

Little black jack and it will be just fine.:smiley:

I will sum it up like this. “Craptastic!”

Morning, Stephan. Hope to find you well and in good spirits today.

Methinks the installer needs a little more education, practice, and likely legal advice, before he can be called a licensed a roof.

That is hard to look at.

Weaving is not this roofers strong point, maybe open valley or close cut.

What are you guys saying? That is quality work. :lying_face: :roll_eyes:

Exactly Larry poor quality and unfinished …

Unfortunately, many roofers do not know the proper way to weave valleys!

Don’t know what they had in mind here, but it should have ended up with a cut valley. Only one valley out of 5 was done right. Go figure.

Ran into the same thing today

:smiley: Must have been cousins. LOL

It needs some work, Josh. :sunglasses:

yikes!! wonder if he was the cheapest bid. :wink::wink: