New roof

Please share your opinions on whether this roof job is acceptable.
What style of valley is this? Why does it flip to the other side at the turn?,1e55,1e56,1e57,1e58.html

Thank you.


Just by looking at the pictures briefly, I think it looks OK. Not a great job, but one that is acceptable. As for your question about the roof valley switching sides with the shingles. Think of the roof run-off water flow. That has a lot to do with how and why they are switched. Hope this helps. The flashing appears to need some work, but i am waiting with baited breath to hear what others have to say.

would of been nice to see the valley shingles interlaced(not required).

Don, I never realized that one could post pictures with sponsored links. ha. ha.

  1. roofing looks great, but the siding doesn’t.

  2. siding, roofing to tight, expansion will buckle and siding looks like crap and not 1&1/2" above roofing like the other pics are.

  3. Added flashing and monkey donk seal. And siding looks like crap.
    By the way, that is the old hardboard Masonite siding.

  4. Cut valley typically are cut on the steep side, but in this case more water run off is current from the main roof and they switched sides, and this would be an aesthetic thingy.

  5. Drip edge with vinyl siding. Is this the same house.??

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes, free website to host your pictures.

As for the roof, it sounds like you see it as I do.

  1. Yes, siding is old. But not in my budget at this time. When the
    time comes, can that be sided right over the old siding?

  2. As for tight expansion, do you mean shingles to siding or
    the roof job as a whole.

3 Yes, the seal on the edges look like crap. Sent pictures to roofer.
I feel it is his responsibility to fix that. Looks like wrong flashing
and half #@*# caulk job.

  1. I would have preferred a straight line, but I can live with how they
    switched the valley if it is better for water runoff.

  2. Not sure what your asking on #5. Yes, same house. No vinyl siding.

Thanks for your comments

The last picture seems to indicate siding of less exposure and weep holes on the bottom and corner all relative to vinyl sidings.

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Question #5:
Light just went on regarding last picture. Now I see what your commenting on. Yes, that is the old siding that you referred to as hardboard masonite.
I didn’t even notice the holes. Actually, I took that picture to show the overhang of the shingles. 1 inch in some areas and 2 inches in others (sloppy cut). I understand the shingles should not go over an inch otherwise they’ll bend (which they are already doing). This is another problem the roofer needs to correct.