Bad weave in the valley :-)

Some people amaze me with what they call competence.
Re-reoofed 7 years ago… but didn’t have any leaks under it yet…:eek:

202 Split Pine Ct 112.jpg

202 Split Pine Ct 111.jpg


That might be why Manufacturers have printed instructions on the roofing bundles on cut valleys. For the ones that have never weaved through a valley with no idea which way the water flows. ha. ha.

Marcel :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Trouble is, lots of roofers can’t read the pictures! If it’s not leaking, it’s only because of the flashing. Those overlapped shingles will deteriorate faster. Looks like it’s already happening.

I figure they used extra underlayment in the valleys because they knew they were not going to be able to finish them like they were being told to :smiley:

I had this exact installation the other day and the owner of the house was a city code inspector. Called me yelling and screaming about how I ruined his deal and cost his money. Told him I didn’t install the roof so I didn’t ruin the deal.

6 days after I saw the valley in the pic 1, I saw it again on a house re roofed less than a year ago…

At least the house didn’t have double lugged neutrals…:mrgreen: