What do you say about this??

Let’s start with… "What do you say about it"?

Talking about what looks like mold ?
Lots depends on the rest of the house.

Was this in the attic ?
Give us some info about the conditions.

Pretty obvious horizional furnaces are in the attic pretty obvious there is a humidity problem. Write what you see

He must not *see *anything, as he said nothing about what he see’s.

I, for one, would like to know what he thinks, before just giving him an answer. There’s way too much of that around here lately. It’s that “Teach a man to fish…” thingy!

Now… if he had just posted that he “Has no friggin idea what to say”, well, that would be honest and I could respect that, and would be more than happy to assist him.

Now… too little, too late! :neutral:

Not really.
Around here they are often put in soffit type areas above bathrooms in condos.

Also in retail stores.

Also commercial spaces.

You write what you see includes a holistic look at the surrounding conditions Charlie.
All the systems and components in a house work together.

Aw cum on Jeffery don’t be that way :p:D never did like fishing;-)

I think Bob’s ‘Chakra’ is out of alignment. :mrgreen:

I’d love to see an actual report from some of these guys, and not one of those falsified “sample” ones they spent two weeks on writing (and still screwed it up)!!!

Just sayin’. :wink:

An attic is a attic its gotta be a extra extra extra large closet if one is to lay that puppy down you were just avoiding giving a answer:p:D

You have mail no frills report no BS in mine

Wow! Very interesting, and unique from others I have seen.

Only have a minute for a quick look-see as I am heading out. Will definately look closer later tonight. One quick question though… your section on cost estimates… do you also consider that to be your Summary Report?

Thank you!:slight_smile:

Nope summary generated last page by HIP

BTW I might add most of the Realtors I work with just print my price page off and mark out the prices and give it to the seller and or repair contractors that are making repairs

OUCH! Some of you obviously think you are the greatest thing since sliced bread. It was a first time post - next time i will say more.
I saw an horizontal AHU in an attic with signs of mold like substance and condensate accumulation from not being pitched correctly to drain. I would recommend the unit and ducts be inspected by an IAC2 certified inspector and if deemed necessary cleaned to remove the ‘mold like substance’ by a qualified person.

Oh come on don’t be so thinned skin we are here to help we get a little carried away sometimes. I assumed everyone saw the mold and common sense dictates you don’t want mold in a return air plenum/fan section you already knew what to say just needed a little prodding:D



What was the greatest thing BEFORE sliced bread?


I would say you should open a few more up.
YOU are the one who should know what to do not the ICA, umm whatever guy.

Me personally, I would say its just dirty like so many others and needs a good cleaning. Who cares if its mold, mildew or bird doodie. Just wipe the stuff out.
If I would guess I would say it should be cladosporium. Clad loves dust.

Where there is dust there is mold. Have you looked in yours lately??
You should see what the ones on the roof of a fast food resturant look like. :vomit: :vomit: :vomit: You may pass on the fries after that.

If its unbalanced then you should mention this as well. :wink: