What do you say?

Really, what can you say?



I will wait and I can tell you usual reason this happends .
Yes I have seen it a couple of times .
Good call and picture
Roy Cooke

The garage door opener is powered by an extension cord, which will nullify any warranty.

Non standard installation of infra red auto-reversing sensor mechanisms. Safety hazard.

The usual reason why the safty eyes are installed up there is so this garage can be used to lock tools up on a construction site with out the inconvience of the door always reversing when they leave in the evening .
at the end of the job they are to be put down to the proper operating level .
They also missed as pointed out the garage door receptical in the ceiling .
Roy Cooke

Obviously, that’s how it was reported. This was apparently installed this way, by a “licensed” contractor, “at the request of the homeowner.”

The extension cord was actually for something else (if you look closely, you can see the receptacle for the opener).

Creative, but stupid. #-o you never know what a homeowner will do or request next

Dumb contractor .
When some thing gets damaged or some one gets hurt you can be sure the contractor will have some explaining to do why the eyes are up in the ceiling.
Roy Cooke

Just did a new home today and found the garbage disposal under the kitchen sink wired with bright orange extension cord that plugged into a receptacle under the sink.
Would a this type of thing cancel the warranty as well?

I found one like this in a 40 yr. old house the other day. No contractor in sight. The home owner had done it so that he could leave under the door without tripping it. His children were grown, and he had no small pets to be trapped under there, so that’s the way he wanted it.
I explained the operation and correct installation to the buyers, and wrote it up as a safety hazard. I don’t know whether it made it to the statement of conditions or not.

[my personal thoughts - not related to inspecting]
On a side note, doesn’t it kind of irritate you a little that the government mandates this sort of thing in the name of “public safety”? Seems to me that the manufacturers had a fairly safe system in place before the photo eyes came into play (provided it was adjusted properly). I’ve got a 30yr. old Genie at my house that reverses if you barely bump it. [ok, I’m done now - strictly retorical, don’t mean to hijack the thread]:slight_smile:


I always thought seeing eye to eye was a good thing!! Are you saying I am not right.?? ha. ha. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Roy; Easy on the Contractor jokes, I am still one remember.? ha. ha.

      Amazes me how people can mess things up. 

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

I Did a PDI inspection on a new home a friends daughter was buying .
It was a very well built home some small things and a couple of larger ones No fan in the fire Place .
No barrier around the attic entrance ( Insulation all across the entrance ) Down came a couple of Bushels .
I think they did it before the gable wall was finished .
You know what I looked like and the floor.
There was no automatic closer on the door from the home to the garage .
Now this is the dumb answer .
The builder said oh! we seldome put them on when we do I tell people to remove them as they are an inconvenience.
I would never say any thing like that especially in front of witnesses .
Now if this happens and the purchaser gets gassed you know who is going to have his a$$ in a sling BIG TIME.
Roy Cooke


Can’t fix “Stupid” but it’s appropriate to call it like you see it. :twisted:

Hope you had your shop vac to pick up the mess. ha. ha.

Inconvenience for who him or the occupant??

Any Contractor saying something like that dose not deserve to be one.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: