What would you say?

Brand new construction. The agent told the buyer and I that this was architectural to make it look like the other windows on the home. The entire perimeter was caulked. Every other brick was cut in half. I would expect that this caulk is temporary and something more permanent be installed. Am I just seeing this wrong? Thanks

Looks as if a window **was **going there, until someone placed that pesky gas meter in the wrong place!!! :(:p;)

Exactly what I was thinking.

The funny thing is that this is an end unit townhome and the one on the other end looks exactly the same.

I Have seen this before. It was done intentionally, to allow for a window or a door to be installed later if desired. I saw it once on a high rise apartment complex, they did a similar box below windows, so they could put in air conditioners, which they did 20 years after the place was built.

The only problem I see is it that its sideways… :slight_smile:

Typically required in upper end developments to break up blank walls; we do not caulk the joists but simply use half brick slightly protruding from the plane of wall to give it a more realistic look; because they used caulking just recommend that caulking be inspected annually to maintain integrity of building envelope.



Brad, what they call Architectural to me is a patch job done half fast.
Seen this plenty of times and it is a shortcut to doing it right to make the existing window opening disappear. Caulk joint is fine, but the way to have done it, would have been to remove the bricks in a toothed fashion and remove the brick header.
In this case, it looks like they wanted it to look like a bricked in window.
And that is exactly what it looks like.

The sealant used is similar to a Redwood Tan by NP1, Pecora, or Sikaflex.



That whole “Feature” could disappear but it would cost more $$$$$ to do a proper job with full bricks…so just brick in the hole and caulk it. It looks just as it is…a bad patch job!!!

Is that window lintel completely caulked/mortared over??