What would you say..?

Friends potential new house…I think I audibly “guffawed” when I saw this…

I don’t know, what did you say, after you laughed in a loud and boisterous way?:smiley:

Typical fused panel. Double-lugged. Obsolete. Needs replacement.

Well…I should have taken a pix of both of them side by side…new inspector here and still learning. Both panels are wired as “main”… I said one should be a subpanel and was wired incorrectly…ie…neutrals and grounds should be isolated and the neutral bus bar should not be bonded. Handyman wiring, and yes obsolete and underpowered panel. I was afraid to list every single thing that was wrong, and thought that “handyman wiring” would cover the mess you see here. Mistake? tia…and sorry for turned images…not sure why they are??

Our jobs are to list every single thing that’s wrong;-) yes it sucks sometimes.
The picture flipping thing is super annoying I know, hopefully it gets fixed with the new message board change.

Is there a forum dedicated to posting or testing pics? I wonder if I could post a .img code?

This is better…