What Do You See in This Inspection Image?

What do you see in this inspection image?

Watch this one-minute excerpt video from our recent free class about performing a home inspection.

Is that a rhetorical question?

I see what only those with “basement experience” would typically see.

1 + 2 = 5-ish


I think he is referring to the fact a perimeter drain was installed as evident by the concrete.

That would be the #1 in 1 + 2 = 5-ish! :wink:

  1. Perimeter drain system
  2. Sump pit
  3. De-humidifier
  4. Efflorescence
  5. Moisture wicking evidence, currently damp
  6. -ish…

I did not watch the video, yet.

I see:

  1. What looks like a sealed sump pit without a vent.
  2. No back up for the sump, preferably water driven.
  3. Efflorescence on the walls indicating periodic moisture incursion.
  4. Either a wet wall and/or an organic substance consistent with mold.
  5. Possibly the dehumidifier shares an outlet with the sump pump. Sump pumps should be on dedicated circuits.

Okay Ben, I watched the video.

Why would you call out standing water in the sump pit (water below the pump)?

I see this condition about 80 percent of the time and consider it normal because the pump cannot pump all of the water out.

Okay… I hadn’t watched the video until now, so above was not influenced by the video…

Answer: Question was rhetorical!


I stared at the picture for quite a while, if I squinted my left eye I could see young Elvis. And if I squinted both eyes, I think I could see The Virgin of Guadalupe and young Elvis at the same time.

I see that new interior systems do not take care of the problem. Dehumidifier is being used since water is still wicking through the CMUs. Also, dehumidifier shouldn’t be on the same circuit as the sump pump.


Excellent response.

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i see another homeowner who got ripped off by another interior system company.

there are 1 or more exterior cracks in the block wall(s) and possibly, 1 or more openings above grade.

that is where water is entering, that is why there is some efflorescence etc on some of the interior blocks.

some of these companies will place/attach junk against the block walls on the inside to hide/conceal water or mold or efflorescence as ‘some’ of them figured out they aren’t actually stopping the water from where it’s first entering hence, their systems will not stop-prevent mold, efflorescence on inside blocks.

and yes sir, nice points of entry for radon gas and other soil gases, insects.

I cannot answer for Ben but I call out standing water in a pit if there is no sealed cover over the pit. This pit is sealed so I wouldn’t call it out.

I did not watch the video but I see along with what was already mentioned but also no check valve in the discharge line that is visible in the pic

Charlie the check valve would be on the vertical riser. above top of pic ]

If you can not see it your just guessing:p

I see this set up on a weekly basis. Home owner being sold the **inferior **basement system. I must have 100 or more reports with a lot more water issues then what was posted.

Bring the water in the building and not correct the outside conditions. And add an EZ breathe as well recommended by Gary Sullivan along with his crappy gutter brush.

How about we address and fix the outside conditions contributing to the inside water penetration.

The sump discharge probably is connected to exterior drainage that is FFFed up.

I did not watch the video as I have more information on this as I care to have.

1 contractor comes in to the home, appears to sound real knowledgeable to the uninformed owner, is sold the inferior system due to lower cost then correcting exterior. (even though some grading and drainage minor corrections could reduce most or portions of the water)

Then when the work is performed a bunch of not so intelligent contractors or employees do the work.

The inside water system is the biggest rip off I have seen!!