What do you think guys?

One day your sitting on the can, and you go for a stretch. Next thing you know, your dead. Can you fill in the blank?

Only two “violations” - panels are not allowed in bathrooms, and there is inadequate working space.

Your talking about the electric panel… right Jeff?

That is really a crappy place to put a panel -

Electric toilet?


Have you seen a electric toilet?

Check this website out www.incinolet.com

I get claustrophobic looking at that bathroom. :vomit: Fat people beware: this bathroom ain’t for you!

Fry’em and Flush’em

Clear and precise explaination. Just state the obvious.

But, mere common sense says a lot more.

Good verbigae, Jeff. Understated, but effective.


I believe you’ll find minimums for toilet spaces as well, but you posted this in the electrical section. . . :wink:

There are simply too many loads in one location.

Well i was joking but yes i have seen and worked on electric tolists back home we had them in small bldg’s without septic systems . Nasty things to work on.:(:shock:

Yep…I hear ya loud and clear…Wont catch me in that bathroom…:mrgreen:

That’s funny.:smiley:

Simply shocking

Like he said “It’s a sh***y location.” Good spot for a calendar though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually porclain is an excellent insulator.


It won’t be his wife that kills him for missing the toilet - be careful not to “splatter”!!!:weird:

Believe it or not This is true.
This is a Listing inspection house, and I suggested that they remove/improve/update and got a resounding “NO… we will never do that, too much $$”