What do you think of this CSST safety checklist?

simple and to the point

Agreed and saved to files.


Installation guide and Install Checklist here

The checklist is simple , but in addition CSST should only be installed by certified installers and installation should comply with mfg recommendations and all building codes.

True but this is a simple checklist for us and not a report comment.(K.I.S.S)

I agree with Mr.Miller BOB.
I am a bit perplexed to what it pertains to. The obvious is not extensive enough. Yes I see a gas line entrace or metal bonding reciprocal.
Please bear in mind that CSST is business paid for in Quebec and everyone must atter to the manifactures and CSST’s specification.mandated to ALL construction fields.
Yes the obvious but it can be expanded in more depth.
Yes it is good. I am not disagreeing .
I wish I had the expertise to help explain further.

Are you guys seeing much of this? I see it occasionally for an add-on but overwhelmingly it’s still black iron for the mains and small diameter copper for fireplaces up here.

may want to add something about lightning safety requirements

Very nice MR.Adair.