What do yoyu report

NEC 312.5 C states
Where cable (NM) is used, each cable shall be secured to the cabinet, cutout box, or meter socket enclosure.

If the box is older (say 25 years) and all cables come into one or two opening how and what would you report? Would you recommend it be repaired?

Basically what its saying is all wires should come into the main panel individually. For many older installations they are grouped togeather. SInce this is no longer an accepted practice, do you write it up at all, and what would you say.

Good question. There is an exception to the section that you’ve posted but it’s highly restrictive and was not likely part of the NEC 25 years ago. From what I’ve been told there are parts of this country where the exception to 312.5© is violated everyday and the practice is considered acceptable. Usually an exterior panel with all of the cables running in through a 2" chase nipple in the back of the panel.

Does the installation create a potential fire or safety hazard?

It was allowed. Not any more. Just wanted to see who out there was paying attention…:wink: