What in your opinion

woud be the # 1 problem that could not be easily viewed by a home inspector but should be reported as a repair after finding a problem like in the # 1 posted pic.

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Is this a trick question? :mrgreen:

No tricks no treats:D just a straight answer no BS

I don’t even know what photo one is.

Now that is just down right scary HMMMMM???:shock:

BTW at least your honest I thank you for that

I’m not going to figure out what it is by lying.

I could start a new thread, pretend like I’m an expert, and have other people guess what the problem is. Who would do that though? :wink:

Ah I see it now. It’s a humidifier.

Charley, I am going to take a guess.

It looks like you have a package unit outside. The bypass duct is a flexible insulated duct. How are you going to get a damper in there?

The duct also looks too big and obviously attached wrong.

The pad obviously needs to be replaced.


Here is closer to what is being shown.

I could be wrong Kevin, but aren’t we focused on the humidifier here?


Not sure as there is too many things wrong.

Elaborate for us newbies

Nope I am not going down that road again. If it was my Picture and my Inspection it would be different and yet I can bet that some things will still be missed after everything is explained by Charley.

Go easy on him Juan. He’s trying hard to counter the public flogging he’s been receiving lately. :wink:

Carry on Kevin - O Wise One. You may have a leg up on me here as I rarely see humidifiers. However, please stay on topic, and rather than posting links, copy the relevant information directly to your posts. That way you can’t be accused of sending us down rabbit holes.

Based on the condition of that humidifier, I’d be suggesting that the evap’ coil be opened up for inspection and cleaning. I can’t imagine there’s any air flow through the coil.

Just for clarification, you mean the pad? The evap coil is outside isn’t it?

I will continue to do what I have been doing for as long as I have been here at InterNachi and sharing info about the actual information people should be reading first whether some feel that is a rabbit hole is fine with me. Can’t find the answer should make you think first before speaking.

I did read some stuff before answering, and I made an educated guess. If I am wrong, someone will probably make fun of me, but I probably won’t forget the right answer.

The links you posted did not help me at all. One was a link to the Trane homepage. One was the manual for a packaged unit.

If you have real information, you should share it. Take a guess at what you think the problem is like I did. Or rather, since you claim to know the so many problems evident in the photos, share with me. You can email me if you are scared.

Yes, the evap coil is outside within the package unit. All of the humidifiers I’ve seen are inline with the system, although I’ve read about others that are a “dilution” type.

My guess is based on looking at the condition of the humidifier and assuming it’s an inline system. When I see this level of contamination, I also assume the system has been running without a filter, or it has been drawing air in from an attic or crawlspace.

Ok Charlie, time for more info :smiley: