What is need to do an FHA inspection?

I am recently started my inspection business and i have a customer that needs and FHA inspection. What do i need to do to do a proper FHA inspection? Thank You

I just found some info. Looks like you need a min of 3 years in on the job and 250 inspections under your belt.

I assume you are not doing an FHA appraisal or HUD compliance inspection. Home inspections for FHA financing are no different than standard home inspections. You need to know the difference, but it would not be a bad idea to know what the HUD minimum property standards are.

I just tell them when they say its an FHA or VA that I do my standard inspection. I don’t have any ties to either loan organization and cannot for sure guarantee my inspection complies. I do tell them that I have never had a problem with one of my clients not being able to use my report though since my inspection go above and beyond what they typically want.

I think that is for 203K inspections. Which have nothing to do with getting a typical Home Inspection with buyers using and FHA or VA loan.

They are called HQS inspections (housing quality standards) if you want to look it up and get some information on it. Those are HUD’s “minimum housing standards” You will see a lot of similarities between what the FHA appraiser calls out and HQS. Email me and I can send you a PDF of the long inspection form, at the very least its good reading.

I just do a regular home inspection with minimum property standards.

I am HUD/ FHA and VA approved.
The VA I took a test. The others I just sent a resume.

I couldn’t find any requirements for FHA and VA inspections, HUD on the other hand is a different beast all together. Did sending the resumes just put you on a list of inspectors that they consider qualified on their site? HUD to the best of my knowledge only has inspection certification processes for HQS, UPCS, UPCS-V, REAC and Advanced Inspection specialist but they all require lots of actual classroom time. Got those minus the REAC so If I am missing something I need to get on it.

Any info would be great.