What is a "Trane Hot Water Bank"?

1983 Trane condenser and air handler. Saw this contraption on the wall adjacent to the condenser and near the water heater. Check out the funky controls. What is it?

061412 207.JPG 061412 208.JPG 061412 112.JPG 061412 110.JPG

061412 207.JPG

Is that electric/water radiant floor heat?

The house was a complete mess. All I saw was traditional HVAC vents. Never saw any radiant heat, but they could have been there in some of the rooms which were inaccessible.

Best guess would be a way to recover the heat that an air conditioner usually dissipates to the outdoor air to heat the water instead.

Something along these lines…

I’m thinking that way also. Heat recovery systems connected to the a/c system were popular in Vero Beach, FL in the 80’s, but I have never seen a Trane system.

BTW, was the 29 y.o. Trane HVAC equip still functioning? That is an awfully long time for equipment in hot/humid and also winter cold SC.