What is it and what does it do???

Alright all you HVAC Gurus. What is it and what does it do. It’s inline between the electrical service entrance panel and the condenser unit. The refrigerant lines are running through it and I see some type of thermal cut out attached to the lowside line.

Looks like a hot water recirculation pump for a hydronic heating system. Basically a heater that runs on hot water like the heater in you car

Charles I was thinking the same thing, the only thing that through me off is he said refrigerant lines are running through it and a thermal cut off. Either he knows his stuff or has it all wrong and it is a holding water tank with pump.

Heat recovery for domestic hot water.

Not a typical “desuperheater” setup. Hopefully an add-on by a knowledgeable HVAC type and not a DIY homeowner. Wonder how well it works.

Anyone? Beuller, Beuller?

Here’s a closer image of it.

Grundfos is a major MFG of mechanical pumps overhauled many in my past life and never did care for the brand, mechanical seal failure dominate

David Anderson nailed it.

You live in Florida and don’t know what that is? Shame on you…Very common device.

A bit more on hot water production from waste air conditioning heat:

In the early to mid q1990’s CVarrier offered a residential AC system that put the waste heat to work producing hot water. The uptake was very poor and they discontinued the line about 1999-2001.

Some folks don’t know a good thing when they see it…close to free hot water in the season when have to take more showers.

Are they an add-on unit or standard on some lines of AC’s?

They are a stand alone product, and are almost everywhere, especially in South Florida. They recover a considerable amount of waste heat and use it with the (typically) electric water heater.

They are often disconnected when either appliance is replaced due to lack of understanding by the HVAC techs or plumber.

Any idea how common these devices are in other states?