What is going on wih this electric meter?

My inspection today - had this for the meter … What is it? Never seen this before…

The meter box has bypass installed, why I have no idea.

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Home likely rewired.
Generator plug in.
No Miter socket in enclosure.


I don’t see a meter

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Is it theft?

I agree the meter had been bypassed for some reason. Also if that is a generator hookup there is no interlock for the generator inlet.


What Robert said. :+1:

The generator hookup (if that’s the purpose of the inlet to the right) would need to have a breaker interlocked with the main to make sure that only one can be in operation at one time. This usually involves a very visible physical blocking mechanism like this:

Also, at the meter socket that’s a horn bypass with a clear lexan blank cover over it, and its tagged so the likelihood of it being done by the utility is very high. To what purpose i don’t know, usually they use those only temporarily while under service so power is not interrupted to the residence.

If you are wondering what that square module is on the left side of the panel its a surge protective device.

This house had some big renovations done - poorly. I can see its a bypass, and it is tagged by the PoCo… I just can’t figure why. Renovations have been complete for a while, but I think no one living in it. It’s a 200 amp service, and no breaker for any generator hookup.

Possibly they went off the grid? Solar panels, wind power? Whatever power to free themselves for the man. :thinking:

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Sort of off the wall, but could the home be a flip (maybe foreclosure)? The meter may have been removed by the POCO for the sale or non payment. Instead of having a new meter installed for a renovation flip, the POCO and “investor” agreed to a flat rate bypass until the new owner took possession. :thinking:

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The home has been owned for quite a few years by the same owner. He has been doing these renovations for some time - probably 4-5 years. He initially lived in it -pre-renovations - then has done a lot - new roof, new flooring, “Gourmet kitchen”, etc. And the house has power, no solar power. Just kinda strange!

I have seen similar however there is normally a meter up stream of the one that has been bypassed. Usually it was a double metered house/rental unit.

On a similar note. My dad built and owned an oil refinery back in the 50s and ran it till about the mid 70s. He told me about a man that he hired and worked for him for many years. This man worked for the utility company as a lineman previously. It was only after many years that this guy when he was retiring from my dad’s plant, that he out of the blue told my dad about what he did with the meter several years prior. He actually took the meter off, “shunted it” and replaced the meter over it. (Many years prior) Dad didn’t know anything about this until he told dad about it. And then the guy asked my dad if you wanted him to put it back normal before he retired and had said hell yes… (most likely for a long time was only get 50% of the bill from electric utility company.)


Must have been a heck of a jump in the electric bill that had the POCO scratching their heads, eh, Larry? :grimacing: :face_with_monocle: :sunglasses:

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There’s nothing going on with the meter because there is no meter.

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