One of these things don't belong

A records search shows this home transferred or sold 4 times since new, yet this was never found. I’m sure it has been there since 2000 when the home was built. less than 1/8 o an inch from making it’s own fireworks display. I’m glad it didn’t light up my world when I removed the cover. SAM_0131.jpg

Good catch.

Perhaps it was discovered, but nobody removed it. Did you? :stuck_out_tongue:

Well ain’t that something, That’s where I left that. Glad you didn’t get let up… Great catch:mrgreen:

Hello:shock:…Glad you didn’t get hurt.

Drama Queen!

Just kidding. Did you remove it?

Whoa, nice catch.
The meter man probably set the new meter, then had to get a new ring, because he couldn’t figure out where he put the one that was there.:slight_smile:

I was pretty good back in the day playing the Milton Bradley Game called “Operation” But, No I didn’t remove it. :stuck_out_tongue: (just went in to check if my shorts needed to be changed) and made a phone call.

Called the city utility boys and they came out to remove it. It was so close to making contact, he was a little worried that it would arc when he took off the meter to kill the power to the panel/buss. Had to decide if he should jerk the meter off quickly or do it very gingerly…He gingerly took it off trying not to do any unnecessary shaking (with his head and eyes turned away to avoid seeing a possible arc).

Anyone up for a game of “Operation”?

And guess what…YOU made the right call. I would have commented against removing it yourself. You are not their to be a hero…right.

based on the situation…he could have simply shut off the main circuit breaker and it would have killed power to the buss and he would not have needed to be so " head turney" if you will.

But again…in my opinion you did the right thing.

Now I could be wrong, but looking at the picture, flipping the breaker would not have de-energized the bus. The service cable from the meter appears to be much larger than the lines off of the breaker. These meter bases appear to have the option of adding another panel, possibly to a garage or out-building.

Another case in point for testing for voltage before panel removal.