What is this?

I have not see one of these in my area as of yet. Is it just an electric furnace? Whats the Pump switch for? Any help would be appreciated. They have a gas forced air furnace in another room and a gas wall furnace in the living room as well. Just need some clarification on this.


Looks like a swamp cooler (evaporative cooler) t’stat. Try http://www.dialmfg.com/ then look under Products, then Thermostats #7620.

It controls the system thats in the other picture…

Thanks Michael…Thats what it appears to be. The roof is covered in snow so I am unable to verify anything up there. Thanks again


Looking at pic.#2

Have you figured out what that sheetmetal ductwork does? It looks like a R/A duct or plenum? Can you tell what device is installed into the duct/plenum?

If it is R/A duct or plenum attached to that F/A Gas Furnace, the device maybe an old style steam humidifier?

Hard to tell from the pic.

Nice photos Chuck. From Michael’s tip on the Dial site, my guess
is that the 2nd photo shows the return air plenum, with an internal
blower of some kind.
But we’d only be guessing at this point, especially if you didn’t turn it on
for normal testing. (If you did, I’d suspect you could hear and feel that blower moving air…)

Yes, I did operate the blower switch, but I did not turn on the pump. The blower did come on in the unit in picture 2…You can see the wires coming out and they go directly to the controls in picture 1. I am still not sure what exactly it does as I did not see any kind of swamp cooler, etc. I did notice that when I turned the blower on, it did push air through the home through the normal vents