What is it and what is its function?

What is this and what is its function? An accumalator or filter?


Yep that is what is.

Filter/Dryer, it has two jobs…

That is what it is…this is what it does.


And, it needs to be changed before it starts leaking…

I thought you were against calling out hvac issues due to age…:stuck_out_tongue:
I think the unit partially pictured is original too and has lots of things in it that could leak too…:smiley:

Are you saying it’s appropriate for an HI to recommend changing the filter/dryer? Just trying to learn. I’ve never called out an issue related to that component.

He may be referring to all the rust.

Testing the extensivity of the oxidation is beyond the scope of, and outside of, the SOP and a HI !!! :twisted:

Then I trust you do not call out rusted flues, rusted galvanized pipe or any corrosion of any kind.

You will make a fine Inspector .:wink:

Good website Doug…Thank You…!


I agree… That diagram, not only answered the question asked, but it also made it clear to me why we don’t test these things when the temperture outside is cold.

I can see now how the gaseous coolant in the compressor would liquefy in the cold and mix with the oil causing problems. Warmer air, would allow it to become a gas again out of the oil allowing proper function. I’ve probably heard it explained 10 times, and I believed it, but I never really understood it until now.

Thanks for not only answering the question posed, but also helping explain another through the picture.

It was a joke Bob… Sheesh !!!

And since you like “pushing buttons”…

This should help with your fixation.

You all can change the rusted POS or pay several hundred dollars when it leaks and sucks in all kinds of air and moisture. If your lucky the compressor will not fail or coke from heat and moisture in the oil…

How old is that thing anyway?
Maybe it’s on the list of things to replace before their time! :wink:

David, do you call out the absence of a filter/dryer as a defect? If so, would you mind sharing that language?

A filter dryer is a “good idea” when installing an new split HVAC system.

When there is a refrigerant circuit problem ( failed compressor) a dryer should be installed/changed in every case.

When you see those dark spots on the outside of the filter/dryer, that means there is deep corrosion and the device should be replaced.

I like the button, and thanks for everones help.

Wouldn’t hurt to recommend replacing it while the refrigerant can still be reclaimed but hey, I wish all HI’s would say dryers with rust on them should be replaced, we could keep busy replacing them all.
However, filter-dryers are made of fairly heavy metal and CAN last for years looking rusty before they actually rust through.