What is it?

Recently purchased a home, inspector found a few things, but no deal breaker.
A ceiling fixture was hanging by the wire, and he noticed a strange object in the box. The box wiggled, but was secured by this object. Anyone ever see a box hung by something like this? House built in 1962, box and wire appears original. He never saw anything like it.

Also, the well pump was replaced at some point in time, the new pump apparently has on-board capacitors, as the original control box has been used as a junction box. The inspector documented this as an oddity, but did not defer to an electrician. Should this be replaced with a junction box, or can the abandoned control box be used as is.

There were a few other oddities he documented. The service was upgraded in the beginning of the year, new transformer, new drop, new meter base, new SEC, new panel. The original SEC was underground from the side of the garage through conduit, this was abandoned, but still connected to the new panel without being sealed. The new SEC (2AWG AL SEU) is fastened to the stucco leading from the garage to the house and comes in above the panel. Some sloppy work, including SJOO used to extend NM-B when they moved the AC condenser. But again, nothing screamed “DO NOT BUY”.

That ceiling box is a standard box. The stud in the center holds the box to the support bar.

What stud?

The large screw

The thing with the big thread on it, it’s called a fixture stud and is typically used with a fixture hickey to hang a heavy fixture which doesn’t rely on the 2-8/32" screws for support.

Similar to this:

Got it thanks

AHHHH, this would make sense, I found a large 5 lamp chandelier style light with that “hickey” still attached to the chain laying in the basement.

I figured someone has seen it before.
Thank you.

I heard the word STUD being used and well…I just had to come and post showing acknowledgment of my manly status.