Can anyone explain this?

I was at an older neighborhood in Phx, AZ today, home was built in 1973, GE 150 amp panel, but in the back yard there were two electrical boxes (looked just like irrigation boxes) with cables, connectors inside. Is this an old transformer box? I had never seen these. It is not secure.

Its a splice box Mary Ann.

If you look at the ends of those rubber covers they can be cut to size for different gauges.
May have a few laying around still that were used to protect my high voltage transformer connections.

Thanks Dale, I would think it is a safety concern if the cover is not secure? Why would there be two splice boxes in this yard, one is by the pool area. Sorry, not at all familiar with them. Any info provided would be greatly appreciated.

Could be the original conduit ran in the area of the pool and needed to be re-routed. That would entail cutting the pipe in 2 locations, installing two boxes and then new pipe connecting them together.

Thanks Robert, that makes sense based on where they are both located. It just seems strange to me to have such high voltage lines in an area where they could be accessed by anyone. Would anyone call this out as a safety issue? I am.

Mary Ann, they usually have bolts locking the tops, like some irrigation control boxes, I would recommend they have bolted covers installed.