What is missing?

I think something is missing.


So do I----------Quality control----:wink:

The panel cover, of course.


Grounding Electrod Conductor?


Kenneth…I suspect you are referring to the uninsulated Neutral wire. Don’t be too quick to condemn that, type SEU cable is permitted in certain circumstances and apparently has been common practice in years past. A sparky needs to explain this in more detail.

Without a wider shot, I’m not willing to say that anything is missing. Other than being a tad on the sloppy side, it looks okay to me so far.

This is getting dangerous, but I am agreeing with Marc again.

What are you driving at??

It looks like a DIY installation. The SE cable should be protected in a raceway, and have a protective bushing entering the service panel. The romex should enter via the 1/2 inch knockouts and be secured by cable connectors. And I see an unused green grounding screw that is likely there for a (missing) SE raceway bonding jumper, but don’t see enough in the photo for further assessment of the grounding.

No it shouldn’t. Not unless it was subject to hysical damage. This is rarely the case in a utitilty room or basement.

I hate that method of cable entry, but there are times when it is perfectly legal.

No, that is the main bonding jumper, or bonding screw. Just by being installed is doing it’s intended job.

SE cable does not require a bonding jumper. There is nothing to bond. And a metallic raceway bonding jumper would simply go to one of the terminals on the neutral/ground bar in a main panel.

Yeah, it’s a mess, but I don’t really see anything non-compliant about it.