What is the best inspector program/software to use in Florida?

Was wondering what will be the best program/software to use for inspection forms/inspections in Florida or in general? Can anyone suggest a good program? I would greatly appreciate the help.


A popular one is Home Inspection Pro
you will see a post shortly with a link to access this software for a trial basis.

Just hit the link on my signature.

I use Home Inspect Pro also and once I set a template up it is very simple to use. Made a template for Pools, and a typical inspection now I want to do a template for specific types of homes. Where in Fl are you. If you are close I will help you set a template or just show you what I have set up.Good luck.

Report host is a decent product that does not have much up front cost. It seems most of the guys seem to use home inspector pro here “this site” and the customer service is unbeatable. Dom is great and will do just about anything for you weather you are a current customer or just checking it out.

I have been using Kight Software for 7 years now. I love it. I am able to give a narrative report that does not look like any other report of the market. It can be set up in a number of different way. You pick the one that is best for you. And Jeff has always been available to walk me through any problems that I have had.

Post a sample report will you.
Nobody here ever has.

I use Home Gauge, very useful.

Any opnions on the EZ Home insection Software?
I use Home Inspection Pro at the moment & wondering if anyone is using it.

Have been using Palm-Tech since 2003, I like it.

I use Report Host.You sign up with them. They give you your first 10 reports free and it is $6.00 per report after your first 10 reports are used.It is simple to use and they are there to help you with any problems you may have 24/7.
It may be a little more costly in the long run. I feel it is a great report service and great experience for the Home Inspector Beginner.

I forgot to mention that they give you One year of InterNACHI membership Free.
If you are not a member already.


The way I see it is where do you see yourself going. Do you plan on always being a one man operation or a multi inspector firm? Don’t look at what can suite you now, look at where you want to go. I use 3D and cannot find another to do what I want it to do.

I am a multi inspector firm and unlike most, most of us go to the same job at the same time. This way 4-5 guys are present on each inspection. I need to merge their information into one report. 3D is the only program that does that using the hand held pc devices IPAQ’s. So do not look short term…look at what you MIGHT need later. Finding something that will suffice short term may lead you to change down the road. I will say that DOM is the man and helps out a ton of people.

Hi Jerry,

I don’t show that you’ve ever purchased our software or downloaded a trial (though some people don’t fill out their name). Are you using it under another inspectors name, or are you just using the trial?

None -
Not unless you have several years of Home Inspection experience!!
Already have a fellow inspector - who EVEN though he took numerous photos of an aging roof with signs of deterioration- made " No Comment" - just let the software speak for him.

Guess what - The roof leaks!

That wouldn’t happen if he was using the right reporting software.

Thats becaue too many inspectors are afraid to call something out. Those are the ones who usually call for further evaluation of every system, or because they posted pictures in their report they thought they would be covered. These are usually the newer inspectors who are afraid of loosing a realtor. In the mean time, they might have just lost their business.

Thats what I meant - thank you

Paper form or software - Ford or Chevy - you have to know how to drive first…

Not in Florida, anybody can be a home inspector. Wal-Mart is going to give licensing classes.:p:p