What is the issue on this report?

I had an agent call and ask me for my input on this comment and how to fix the issue. I think I finally pieced together the issue that there’s two bath fans to the same vent but I thought this was just the weirdest comment. What are your thoughts?

“This is of course speculation as I am not an expert”. This should never be in a home inspection report. Maybe they need to higher an expert home inspector. Another damn check box home inspector. The agent should contact the inspector for any clarification.



“In my opinion this condition could likely be lived with proper foresight”

I’m with Martin tell the agent to call the inspector that wrote the report, not you.


Yeah, that’s a crap narrative, but I’m sure of what he/she is saying.
Post a pic of the roof / vent from the exterior to confirm.



The inspector went around the world and back to say he did not know what the f** he was looking at or who could solve the problem.

The is a classic case for “report what you see”


Or if it was a problem, or if it could be lived with, or for how long it could be lived with.


1: The 2 bathroom ducts in a roof vent!!!
2: The bathroom ductwork do not protruded the roof, or wall assembly, and have independent exhaust vent caps.
3: warm damp bathroom duct exhaust returns into an exhaust duct not in operation and into the roof assembly.

The reason for pans in the roof vault, to collect condensate.

The inspector gave an opinion. Like that he/she protects their liability. ‘a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or direct knowledge.’

Come on guys.

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That configuration is allowed by all our AHJs…sigh…
His commentary is a waste of a lot of perfectly good words.


This is what I suspect is being used. For the OP’s area having an annual average snowfall of 24 inches, yes there is a valid concern and I would call it out also, just with a better worded narrative!

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Periodic observation… why didn’t this inspector just recommended installing an electronic leak detector in the drip pan to monitor a problem that may or may not be a problem. Better yet, one with WiFi to notify the owner that there is moisture dripping in their attic.

Just this week I found a bucket under a plumbing vent in the attic and a water bottle at the end of a TPR valve drain line. It doesn’t take an “expert” to figure out why.


If we were in the business of prescribing cures; my remedy would be to exhaust the bathroom vents above the roof line and insulating the vent duct piping.


Exactly, explain what is wrong with that picture and recommend repair. If it is dripping it is wrong. Have it fixed.
Wasted time with that narrative.


Wrote a small novel to identify a simple, valid issue.


Hi , My opinion is that the problem is with the installation . The bathroom vent or any vent should be connected to a roof booth or other area with no air space inside the attic . The warmer air from inside the house should melt any snow accumulation around the boot . That way there would be no dripping on the inside . This is my opinion .

You’ve obviously never been to Minnesota from October 15th thru March 31st (on a normal year)!!

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Not if the attic was properly insulated


You are right , I have never been there but regardless the vents should not have an air space into the attic . Should be a solid pipe possibly insulated in extreme temperatures to the outside roof or wall booth . If the roof is properly ventilated ,there will be no dripping water in the attic .
Have a good day .

Maybe I used the wrong word . Any air from inside the vent ( that naturally. comes from inside the house) will probably melt any snow over the vent .