What is the technical term for this type of vent?

I am hearing that the builders are putting the homes so tightly together on these zero lot line homes that the city requires these type vents instead of soffit vents. This is a 10 month old home and the vents are rucked really bad. They seem to be performing their function.

Any information on these?

Eave Vent?


It is just a roof vent installed at the lower part of the roof.


Yeah I saw this also :


Don’t want to call it a “Smart Vent”, “Cor-A-Vent”, or “In-Vent”. :shock:

Think I shall call it an Eave Vent. :-k

It is not an eave vent, it is not at the eaves. It is a roof vent.

As Steve said it is a roof vent. Or as described at the manufacturer’s website “on-the-rooftop intake ventilation”. A shorter term, "rooftop intake vent’.

As Stephen and Chris said it is no where a eave vent.If you wish to be accurate and make up names call it a Low profile Vent.

Even Brow vent would be better.

Thanks guys.

In some areas (like the mountain areas around Boulder), continuous soffit vents are no longer allowed for fire danger reasons. I believe this is what they’re using instead.

Might there be a knee wall arrangement that this is ventilating?

So, you don’t have snow in Boulder?

Not right now.

And how do they vents work for you when you do have snow?

I just spoke with Nikolai who built up in the mountains last year and and looks like I was wrong. He has an un-vented metal roof.

Thanks for the correction.

As I understand it. (not really certain but a client told me this one) Some cities that have the zero lot line homes as this one did, do not allow soffit vents on the sides where the home is one boundary to the yard. Something to do with for instance BBQ smoke venting into the attic space. That sort of thing. But then I see this on other homes that are not zero lot line.