Tonage on BDP Model#663CJ018-A


Can anyone tell me the tonage on a BDP condensing unit model#663CJ018-A and how do you know?


I was taugh RLA divided by 7 = tonnage.

maybe 1.5 tons,how big of an area did it serve?

This would only be a guess - 1.5 tons - Based on the last two numbers being 18.

If you Buy a Preston Guide or Carrier Bluebook you can quit wondering in the future.

This does not work with the newer systems, they use less power.

ie. Seer 13 with RLA=21 is a 3.5 ton

Thanks for the info Bruce.:slight_smile:

Divide by 6.

Give that man a cigar, it is an early 90’s Bryant unit of 17,800 btu capacity, at 12,000 btu per ton that makes it a 1 1/2 ton unit.