What is this gel/amber coating?

What is this coating?

Looks like anti-corrosion gel to me.

At first I wanted to say anti-oxidation compound but the more I look at it it appears that someone shot a resin into the ports in order to not give the ability to use the device for it’s original intended function. it looks like a 2-pole being modified as only a 1-pole device…thus they blocked up the terminal ports.

While not normally advised…I would have poked it for hardness with a nonconductive probe to see if it was indeed a resin. But thats what It looks like to me…just trying to make you use it as a single pole only device.

That’s factory installed resin of some sort used on older ITE GFCI breakers. I have a box of them laying around somewhere. :slight_smile:

They were GFCI. There were two of these breakers. The application style of the resin on both breakers was consistent.

Agree. Nothing to worry about.

I dug one out of a box in my garage: :cool:



no guts no glory. Wet the tip of your finger and try and dig it out! :mrgreen:

lol…guess I am not old school enough…lol…

It’s a factory installed epoxy resin, it prevent use of the connection.