What is this part? Steam Boiler.

What is this part/cover?
I inspected a 4 unit building and on each of the steam boilers there was rust around this part.


I’m not sure , but I think it is the inspection hole…manway, manhole…

What size are you? :wink:

It’s probably access to the heat exchanger tubes in the fire box.

Large enough to make me happy…:smiley:

Looks like the tank-less/domestic hot water coil - not in use. They are a poor design and fail long before the boilers fail. They are found on the low end builders models - saving money on the hot water tank or water heater and paying the most possible for hot water production.

you didn’t bother to look at the mfr docs on top of the unit did you


Thanks Alan, Barry, nope - didn’t think to look at them. I will going forward. Thanks.

I like honest inspectors/people. You’ll go far Joshua! :smiley:

we all need reminders or other’s experience & even if you don’t find them onsite a pic of the data plate allows offsite research
more pix make better reporting capability even if they don’t make it in the final doc & what if no one knows

Thanks Larry.
I try!