What is this stuff?

This stuff was all across the front porch next to the house, in the rear sliding door tracks, under the kitchen sink, in the garage and basically everywhere around this 25 yr slab house. Termite guy that was there did not know what it is. Nothing dropped out of the vinyl siding when tapped on above this porch.


Did you taste it?

It kind of resembles Vermiculite.

Exactly what I thought, although the ‘pieces’ seem smaller than usual. Was someone in the attic clearing it away from the soffit vents? Where the walls insulated with it? Don’t expect you to have those answers, just a few thoughts.

25 yrs old, all fiberglass insulation.

Did you lift the ‘glass’ to see if it has a vermiculite ‘base’? Very common around here for a home to have (original) 3 inches of vermiculite, and later to have ‘glass’ laid over it.

Just trying to help… Jeff