What is this?

Was inspecting a bathroom of a 1840 Home and discovered this in the bathroom in close proximity of the bathroom sink. Removed the cap and saw 2 holes in it as if it was for a water faucet but not sure. Does anyone have any idea as to what it is?

Looks like a towel / robe hook.

Looks more like a soap dispenser.

I hope to heck you washed your hand afterwards! :freaked-:

So you have one? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I thought at first but there was no connection to put on a soap container this is mounted in a wall next to the sink.

So, are you saying you don’t wash your hands before leaving the restroom? :shock:


Why? I don’t pee on my hands, do you? :wink:

It isn’t me I’m worried about. Do you know what that “person” beside you has been doing, or what he’s been touching? He could have just left the stall with the “glory hole” that Bob was taking care of! I don’t like public restrooms because of sick MF’s like you! Whenever possible, I use a clean paper towel to open the door on my way out! The best invention of the 20th century was the self-flushing urinal and toilet.