Left Behind?

This was taken at an inspection today. It appears to be some short of apparatus used by the builder to hoist things up maybe? Any comments.
Copy of P1040108.JPG

Copy of P1040108.JPG

Copy of P1040108.JPG

Possible safety harness anchor?

Temporary truss brace used during erection, not worth the trouble to remove?

A failed attempt at blocking maybe??

That’s my guess

Guess, here: Something to do with a crane lifting trusses? support for 2?

I usually see them in attics with furnaces. I think they are used to hoist the HVAC system into the attic. Too much trouble to remove.

I wonder if I could get me one of those–at my age I need all the help I can get…:roll::roll::roll:

Jae! They make a pill for that:p. “If it ain’t blue… take two”:smiley: