What is this?

I saw this in a one bedroom condo on the ground floor but could not trace it.

Please help.

Drain line for the dishwasher???

Condensate drain from air-conditioner ?

The angle suggests it’s supplying something. Is there a floor drain that is keeping the water seal fresh?


Without going into much detail about the above responses, I would say first, Probably not a supply line, and if it is a condensate drain line then it would be configured to be an S trap. Is there a water softener?

I am with sparks


Welcome, an understatement would be “wrong”

DW = wrong
Condensate = wrong
Anything else = wrong

Consult a qualified pluber to correct this installation, as a potential for possible cross contamination exists

Where is the water heater - on the other side of that wall perhaps?

Agreed but it is nice to hear all the possibilities. But knowing what it is and how you report with in our scope is two different things. Don’t go beyond what you are trained and obligated to report.

Must be a feed to the icemaker. Mmmmmmmm tasty.

My concern would also be cross contamination…If you can’t trace it…refer to plumber…:wink:

I agree with wrong.