What is this

Ok you city slickers this was an outside shot, someone from the mid west may know what this is, not likely if you live on one of the coasts. I was doing a little marketing today on my way back from the morning inspect and decided to do a little eye openers for the non-believers.

Looks like a small grain silo or corn bin…
corn bin.jpg

Weren’t we supposed to wait on those “coasters” to try?

Right on Bro but it was not a little one ,huge one. One has an ATV setting in front barely make it out. You can actually see the grain level in these bins.

The one was concrete with wedge shaped ventilators on each cell that was were the heat was forming from the sun. I find liquid levels on steel tanks all the time but I was just curious if one could actually see the grain level. I was standing on the west side facing the grain bin sun was on the south side

More Pics

I am a ‘coaster’…a bottom coaster, just not a left or right coaster :mrgreen:. And a city slicker as well.
Kidding aside…yes, I should have waited and let Jeff & Russel, on the left, and Joe & Gerry, on the right, have time to develop a guess. I apologize.

Oh just jump in there Michael!
I wrote my post then deleted it. Figured Charlie would cuss me out! :wink:
Not really!

Great images! This is truly one of the “miracle” applications for thermography. The first time I got hooked on discovering more was with the attached image. Most have probably seen the temperature strips frequently found on LP tanks too.

It turns out that in industry locating and verifying levels in tanks and silos can be very lucrative as well. If you’d like to learn more about the application, I put together a (paid) webinar that has been very well received.

You can find details at https://www.thesnellgroup.com/CourseDetails.aspx?id=16


John now you are making me feel bad my images were not for pay were not in focus the way they should have been and I did not tune them was in a hurry trying to impress a captive audience at the Wheat elevator. I have been in a market mode lately.

I stopped in my old work place today and took some shots for my slide show that is upcoming at a home builders show a little on the industrial side though

Charlie, in your grain pic’s what do you feel the cause of temp difference?
Density/Insulation from heat above or evaporative cooling?

Were they drying or just storing the grain?

I drove by thousands of grain storage facilities this weekend in IL. and made me think of you. Most were metal but I did see several old and very large brick ones. I didn’t see you out there though! lol.

Oh how I miss the simpler times as a steam plant engineer. Chill Water Units/R-11’s humming away, or the rhythmic cycle of the boilers. Just put me into a deep sleep.


David the metal bins are not normally for long term storage like the concrete ones they use them mainly for overflow in big crop seasons. These two just happen to have some in them about 1/2 full or more. As you know the metal ones absorb more heat from the exterior with the sunshine than do the concrete ones. The grain was from last season so not much moisture for evaporation. Just observing the temp of the grain from overnight cooling v/s the sun on the metal. Was not able to get a TD on the concrete bins

I don’t miss it at all but I was not the operator had no sleep time I was the mechanic and something was always broke down.???