Thermal Image Gallery

More images added.


Thanks Kevin - interesting to see a variety of images from your scans.


I love the pics and the naritives! Really cool!


Are these images copy righted?

Uncalled for or do you relish on antagonism?
Please don’t disgrace Texas


Play nice!!

Come join in, John…there is a lot of cool ITI information, examples, and marketing material for everyone (FREE).

Love to have you post some images or case studies.


I just want to know if I can borrow some images or not?

Are the images copy righted? If they are, I will respect that.

I’m probably a border line antagonist… but trying hard not to cross the red line…:mrgreen:

You can use whatever you see on the ITI Message Board :slight_smile:

All I ask is that you return the favor. There is a lot we can learn from each other.

No compitiion with the this BB, just a more streamlined focus on thermal imaging and images.



You’ve crossed it many times, but that’s ok because I have too.

Nice pictures…I was curious, at an inspection the other day I had a fiberglass tub/shower that had a pinhole in it. It wasn’t on the base, but about mid way up. So when the tub was filled is when the leak would occur.

Anyone have images of damage beneath a tub/shower enclosure? Just curious! :slight_smile:


I haven’t viewed all from his library but here are many examples of the different avenues we can take our cameras and training.


Thanks Barry, Good info.:wink:

Dang, not a single naked lady picture there.

Just 4 U :shock:


The new Thermal Image Gallery is located at

More images just added :slight_smile:


Kevin gave a very nice presentation with handouts at our monthly NACHI meeting a couple of months ago. He is a real gentleman and went out of his way to inform and educate us. I know everyone in attendance really appreciated the talk.

Dick Moran