What is this??

What do you think this is? :smiley:

15402 North 28 Street 9-21-10 011.JPG

did you lick it :wink:

EPA Registration Number: 01147900001

This pesticide is used as a:


This pesticide is registered for unrestricted use.

This pesticide’s toxicity code is 3, which corresponds to a toxicity category of Caution.

of course i licked it.

Probably a better question would be, Where did I find it at today’s Condo Inspection???

In the fridge


OK let me see. Bathroom

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

15402 North 28 Street 9-21-10 012.JPG

15402 North 28 Street 9-21-10 009.JPG

Bed Bug Kelly strikes again…

You see anything odd about this Bathroom fan?

You mean teh lack of an exhaust?

It’s a deoderizer only.

Exactly, Michael. I find these from time to time in late 70’s early 80’s condos from time to time.

You took the cover off the fan to find this?

Yes John, the first time I came across this configuration something just did not seem right. So I placed a piece of paper next to the fan to check for draw. One side scuked up tight and the other blew away… :roll:

Now that I have seen this more than once I know what I am going to find. :smiley:

I only find them in Condo Conversions form apartments of a certain Era here.

The reason I ask was because I never took a cover off a ventilation fan. I basically report it’s presence, or lack thereof, and whether it was operational. I personally have never seen this type of fan, nor did I know they even existed. It is a good find on your part.