Can Anyone Tell Me What This is For?

I did an inspection on a condo today and saw this. I have not seen this before. Any help?

Duct access panel is unusual but does not affect performance.JPG


What? Is this thing in a closet? Is that a furnace at the bottom of the picture?

Looks like an access or cover plate on the side of a duct.
Maybe it is for a humidifier or ultraviolet air cleaner…
Not room to add anything on this installlation though.

There a number of companies locally that clean ductwork and when they first come in to do it they install one of these access panels. It allows easy access for future cleanings. If a good quality filter is installed it is completely unnecessary but they are hoping for repeat business.

I think it’s a doohickey.

RR is right. It is a doohickey. But, unless it is installed with a thingamajig, it is in violation and a safety hazard.

Actually…I sent the picture to my father, german ex marine, and he told me it was a %*^% hoojiwatsit…

Now there’s a term that I have not heard since my granddad died.

german huh. looks greek to me.:mrgreen:

Its an access door installed in duct in order to get to a fire damper or?