What is this?

look like something I’d see in Monticello… lol I thought your post was just speculation.

Not necessarily. Maybe a illegal manufacturing space.
Ether/or you now have mental and reported inventory to draw from.

An auxiliary panel for dedicated outlets is suspect. The 8 vents mean circulation was needed.

The placement of the venting is illusive.
Normally the venting is up high.

I assure you it was a grow op. They weren’t baking cookies down there!!!:smiley:

This is the 5th (and largest) on I have found.

[quote=“nsusdorf, post:23, topic:74586”]

I assure you it was a grow op. They weren’t baking cookies down there!!!:smiley:

This is the 5th (and largest) on I have foung.
Nice work.
Bet Mike Holmes would miss it:-)

One last thing.
Normally HID lighting is uses in operations for indoor pot agro. or hydro culture. This takes 240. One 1000 watt light cover a 8’x8’ table and are the “minimum requirements” to get the yield out within the 42-48 day cycle. In a setting that size of course.

You mentioned ceiling wiring, pod canisters hanging from the ceiling and that you though it may be a large scale operation.
could you describe the canisters size, shape plus and if loam or wool was in the pods.

Please play wit me a bit more:-)

One last thing. Residential/commercial setting? You mentioned it was a day care for a year.

You sure do know alot about growing pot!!!

Not about growing. The education comes form addressing grow opps and what to look for.

Why you going to hang stuff in the air. Where are the plants going to get the light. What about nourishment.
Everything is cloned.
Everything is built on tables. Think of plywood. 4’x8’. They are stood on saw horses. everything is easily erected and dismantled.
Self flooding. Some setups need no care but once every 2 weeks. One guy walks in and he or she is done in 4 hours. $24,000 every 50 day cycle. 3 tables 4x8. 2 HID lights. Low electricity. 5 homes going and voila. $120,000 dollars every 50 days.
Greed mostly knocks them down.

Added panel is the no brainier. turn 120 to 240 in a heart beat. 2 120 buses:-)
Light are suspended, not plants. Venting is mostly elevated through a chimney.
Helicopters looking for heat signatures remember. A chimney is prefect when the IR is searching. Chimney exhaust is always higher than the home:-)
Thank like the bad guy.

I could root out a suspect lab or grow setup by looking at the signature the retrofitters have left in there wake.
Then call in the pro. or certify yourself for meth testing.

It is all obvious when you know what to look for.
Thanks buddy.