What is under this cover?

What is under this cover (to the left of the main water supply).

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Radon Mitigation System


Hi Jeffery, It’s not a radon system. My guess is that it has something to do with the plumbing.

Cleanout below the plate?

That’s what I was thinking but one of the houses I died recently had a cleanout in the plumbing above the slab which was right next to this cover. See attached pic of that one.

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Kristie and Derek Heeg 118.JPG

Kristie and Derek Heeg 118.JPG

Clean out or back water valve.

I see these on newer homes maybe 15 years old or less. Jeremy when you say back water valve are you referring to a palmer valve? If so it was my understanding that these were no longer being used in new construction. I don’t always see them so maybe some areas are still requiring them.

A lot of people will have questions for you, did you see the bright light? Anything else we should know about?

If I had did that inspection I would have opened it up to see .

Oops ya got me Erik.
No bright light as a matter of fact I don’t remember a thing! : ) The Bible likens death as a sleep so maybe that’s why I can’t remember.


I did take the cover off of one of them. It was just a hole about a foot deep with gravel at the bottom.

Thus my Radon Mitigation ‘guess’, above. :blank:

Where did the pipe exit to? Was there a fan attached?

No fan. This was the drain plumbing. It wasn’t a mitigation system. I’ve never come across a mitigation system with a metal plate next to it covering a hole. My guess is maybe a palmer valve or a clean out. I will have to talk with a local plumber.

Thank you all!

Have a blessed day.

It could be a covered rough-in box for a plumbing fixture. May have been a change during construction. I could also believe a backwater valve and/or cleanout. Good luck. Let us know what you come up with.