What is wrong with this picture of a bathtub?

Just when you think you have see it all…:grinning:

The color of the shower curtain does not match the tile. I would write it up!

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Good point…:grin:

Installed backward!


Or was the supply plumbing installed on the wrong wall?

Got a code for that?

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I don’t know! Is there?

I doubt it.

What’s the problem?
It functions & drains…

Roy I received your text message but for some reason I couldn’t reply.

I was trying to send my “pics of the week”
The seller had a statue made like her dead husband. Freaked me out! :open_mouth:

Here’s my tub pic - why the black water?

I think I was on Dickhead Circle!

Not often I drive to an inspection & see this

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What a weird bitch!

Was it coming out of the spout or was the drain backing up?
I’ve see a lot of crap that comes out of the jets if hasn’t been used in a while.

The tub probably hadn’t been used for years metal plumbing corrosion getting flushed out of the line for the tub.

The manufacturer’s installation requirements might help.
Someone likely went through a lot of extra work to install that tub. :bath:

That is wierd… this guy freaked us out about every time we walked by that room a few weeks back.

Well water supply, house vacant for a while.
My guess is the carbon filters are very very old & falling apart.
The water filter tanks were on the opposing exterior wall.

Was all the water like that? Did it stink?

I bet it smelled like rotten eggs. I see it quite often in high sulfur content water.


Nothing wrong with that tub other than it is missing bubbles and a Female inhabitant. :wink:

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How long did you watch for them? :roll_eyes:

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Whenever I see black water, the water heater is full of H2S due to sulfur reducing bacteria. Usually a vacant house. Your nose will inform you before your eyes. :nose: