I just do not understand

How you can be staring right at this and still mess it up.

What’s your problem this time?


Exactly… explain your post.

Is the photo too fuzzy for you to read?

I don’t need to see your fuzzy picture. I know what it says. Do you?

**WHICH **part of the manufacturers instructions are you referring to? There are more than one!

We get it all the time here installed the wrong way;-)

Same here Wayne, insulation is insulation for some and installation instructions has no meaning. :slight_smile:

Others figured it out. It was obvious.

I just don’t get it. :slight_smile:

That’s hilarious. Go easy, reading is hard Juan. :slight_smile:

They should print this on the facing:
If you can read this you probably just installed this WRONG!

My other favorite from attics is when the trusses with the fluorescent tag on them which states “Lateral Bracing Required” are all lined up in a row where the lateral bracing is missing. :slight_smile: