What is your slogan

I’m looking for a better slogan. I was an engineering teacher before becoming an hi and use the line “Not only a home inspection but a home education.” It seems like everyone is using something in the marketing about educating their clients around me now and I’m wanting to change it up a bit. Any thoughts?

I am a member of a networking group and asked them for some input. I gave them 8-10 different tag lines and had them list three they liked.
I kept it simple.
HouseAbout Home Inspections, LLC
*"**More Than a House… a Home" ***

We speak house

Here in Mississippi during the Summer…or basically any time of the year, I use “I promise I’ll break a sweat for you”! They can’t argue with me on that one!!

Who’s T&whos M

“Professional Inspection of Your Most Prized Possession: Your Home

All members are free to use our Trademarked taglines such as:

Anyone else is just looking around.” (It implies that you do more than just walk around looking.)

Inspected once, inspected right.” (It implies that the consumer might have to get it done again if they don’t choose you.)

The right inspector, right away.” (It implies that you are standing ready to schedule their inspection immediately.)

Inspecting the world.” (InterNACHI’s main tagline, but you can use it if you like.)

Bringing clean air to life.” (Good for IAC2 member.)


Here’s another…

We speak house… oooga booga.

Oh, wait, that one isn’t one of our Trademarked taglines. Sorry. :wink:

Hm, let me think. Oh, how about this one:

We climb ladder… we fall down… oooga booga.

Oh, wait, that one isn’t one of our’s either. Sorry. LOL.

“Protecting your assets, one et at a time.” :wink:

I enjoy watching people next to me at red lights reading the slogan, then smiling. They get it :wink:

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For clients: “The best home around is a home with a VUE”

For agents: The best home around is a home with a VUE and sold by YOU!

Charge more do more CMOR;-)

#GoBIG For Your Home!


Ding ding ding, we have a winner!

Nice truck/tagline Robert.

And your looking at a Truck??? HMMMMM:p

I love them babies.


Brad, I was making fun of one of the mini association’s taglines.