What kind of mold?

Maybe a natural Anxiety Disorder to leave?

Do you fare-well with the occupants?

I kinda like bidding her a fare-well!!!

But it is something in the house!!!

The other non discreet disorders may include but are not limited to:

Scratching all parts of body until they bleed
Lack of appetite

Tony you yukkie

I’m by no means an expert, i’m just mearly telling what i learned in the military. as an aviation ordnanceman we were taught the basic compounds used to make weapons of mass distruction, nerve gas, fire bombs, cluster bombs, proper fire chains, etc. etc. though the actual “mustard gas” in fact does need sulfer as you point out, the basic “home made” version IS as easy as bleach and amonia. same way you can combine clorine and orange juice to make your own chemical bomb in a soda bottle. try it, it works. you can also combine gasoline, gelitin, and powderd laundry detergent and make your own “home made” napalm. i can also make an air powerd flachette weapon that will clear bushes, shrubs and tree branches to open up a 20’ radius for better visuals on ground troops. i know (personaly) 2 people who were hospitalized for days after mixing different cleaning products, causing a chemical reaction, and becoming affixiated. your chemical breakdown is (from what i remember) acurate, but there is a little lost in the “home made” versions. there is also a book (illeagal in some states) called “the anarcists cook book” that reveals ALOT of thing most of us are not supposed to know.


David had the answer…:smiley:

Finally saw the light…huh?

One can make all sorts of dangerous combinations of chemicals using non-dangerous chemicals. (Hec, one can kill a friend simply by having a margarita party and mixing a bottle of aspirins or sleeping pills with a few tall glasses of margaritas.) Just because one can combine some common household chemicals to create even more dangerous chemicals does not make them mustard gas, napalm, or anything else other than a dangerous combination of chemicals.

I think the Navy, as well as all military branches, are out to protect their personnel. That’s not surprising. Should they know what household chemicals can be combined to produce dangerous chemical combinations? Sure. And they can call those chemical combinations just about anything they want. The services are notorious for using cryptic words, acronyms, etc. However, to come back from military service and tell the general public that one can make mustard gas by combining ammonia and bleach is dangerous, at best, and simply irresponsible, at worst.

The Anarchist Cookbook is not illegal in any states that I know of. It has, however, been removed from many library shelfs. But so has “Daddy’s Roommmate” and “Heather Has Two Mommies.” So has “To Kill A Mockingbird.” Some of our best libraries practice censorship. Perhaps sometimes that censorship is good; I don’t know.

The best thing to do with common household chemicals is to follow the directions on the bottles.

RRAY. i think you’ve gone off on a tangent to my original post. i was mearly making a point about mold emiting toxic vapors that can make you ill, like mixing hous hold chimicals. i’m sure we’ve all either done it or know someone who has. it was an analogy that went a little hay-wire. i mean no harm, and hope that the idividuals reading this board are mature enough not to attemp any of these potentialy deadly combinations. not just that, but now the people who read it will be aware not to mix these chemicals. knowing how to make something is esential in avoiding accidentaly making it. i saved the kid next doors life a few years ago from this knowlage. him and his buddy thought it would be “cool” to throw a cup full (styrofoam cup) of gasoline into the camp fire his dad started. well (for those who NEED to know) gasoline will desolve a foam cup into a sticky goo “kind of like a military formulated fuel-gell explosive”, this goo will stick to your hands, and if the mixture catches fire, it very VERY difficult to put out. i stopped them when the cups bottom opened and the gas went all over his legs and shoes…oh and he was about 3 feet from the fire. knowlage is powerfull, it what you do with it. guns don’t kill people, dump-asses with guns do. by it’self, a gun can save your life, it’s all up to interpritation. thanx for listening.

Jay, I still play with gasoline like that! I guess a couple cups in the right place would take care of the odor!

or just singe your sniffer so you can’t smell it any more.

I got burnt with propane from the waste up about 15 years ago!! Playing with a home made meat smoker!

When the show explosions on the cartoons and their hair is standing straight up and they are black all over I know how they do it!

But it hurts like hell!

Thats what I am talking about!

Back to Home Inspection, something to consider is HTH in pool chemicals stored in the garage where you may find break fluid will take out your house and the neighbors.

I haven’t read much about pool inspections around here but chemical storage should be considered!

I’m sure with all this talk on this BB we have the undivided attention of Homeland Security! :shock: :shock: :smiley:

I wonder if there has been any credible threats on pool houses across America?

It could be a combination of moulds. Many moulds like Stachybotrus, Aspergillus, Fusarium, etc, make mycotoxins. The most dangerous group of mycotoxins is called Trichothecenes. This toxin has been used as an agent of bioterrorism in Vietnam & Afghanistan. It was named “Yellow Rain”. It burned off it’s victim’s skin before it killed him. Something to think about. Doug


that’s the stuff i was refuring too, i just couldn’t remember all those big words.:mrgreen: thanxs. as far as homeland security, they aren’t knocking at MY door, i even asked the guy outside, he’s wearing a black suit, black glasses, and has an earpiece in one ear, he said he’d let me know if someone came looking for me…:shock: :cool:

This is a very old thread (march 06) but I just noticed one piece of information that has been bothering me for almost 30 years.

So THAT’s why I can’t find Liederkranz cheese any more. Thank you, David Nice.