What Nick does on weekends...

He refurbishes Chambers stoves. He has about 4 of them going right now. Very cool old stoves from the 40s. Lotsa steel, lotsa chrome.

Working on old stoves sux I would be riding horses in the mountains;-):smiley:

Is he afraid the stove in the second picture might run away?

Nah, it’s the NATCHI guard stove.

Old stoves are a gas! And you don’t need those anti tip thingies, unless the kids are bigger than momma Cass:D

I love restoring Chambers stoves. I’m going to restore 9 more this year. I start working on one and lose track of time. Before I know it, the sun comes up.

Parts everywhere.

The tether in Kenton’s PIC is to keep the stove from rolling away on its cart. I work on them outside some evenings.

Every now and then I back my head out of the oven and ride a KTM 300 2-stroke to the top of the Rockies. All work and no play makes Nick a dull boy. :smiley:

I’m coming out with my own cast iron broiler and griddle for Chambers stove lovers.

Something wrong with that Pic the only true way to view the Top Of the Rockies is looking between the ears of a good Horse;-):stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t argue with that. I love horses.

Nick, do you refinish the porcelain too?
I have an old kitchen sink that came out of a farmhouse and I would like to refinish it for my camp.
Just wondering how it’s done and how much it costs.

I have a lot of hobbies but I swear, Nick probably only gets 1-2 hours sleep a day and must have a twin!

Is there anything that you do not dabble in Nick! Think about all the crap he has and or does?

And he is still married right?

Sort of… I use a high-heat powder coating that looks just like porcelain.

I do too. I haven’t got to it yet either. I’m still at work, but when I go home tonight I’ll take a PIC of it and post it here. Yes, it’s laying next to another Chambers stove in my garage at home. LOL

Here it is. It is really heavy. Yeah, I know, that’s another stove next to it. :roll:

I like it, mine is a small single sink which is perfect for camp.

Now you got me thinking I should find an old stove to match it.

I got a Model B done this weekend:

Wow that’s a nice looking stove.


Weighs 500 pounds.